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Well, hello there! I'm Kristi! I don't know how you ended up here, but I'm sure glad you did. My last name is Olio, hence, Olio Collective. *I do not collect olive oil*

What started out as a passion project (fancy term for hobby), has completely morphed into this full-on business that I'm so, so proud of! I spent too many years in a cramped office, slowly losing my spirit and perpetuating the idea that my life was only going to be enjoyed after five o'clock and on the weekends. Fast forward to six, short months later and here we are, living more simply and deeply loving the work that I'm doing every. single. day.

To me, vintage rugs are works of art that embody community, history and love. Lay one down and you'll immediately be hooked on the enchanted and cultured feeling they bring to your space. They are ethically made with wool and natural vegetable dyes, and are sure to be a family heirloom piece for generations to come.

When I'm not down in the rug rabbit hole, I'm just your average mom, either attempting to keep my kids from "spidey web blasting" every stranger in Target or sneaking vegetables into their spaghetti sauce.

I love supporting others who are out there in the arena, so reach out and tell me about YOUR passion! 

- Kristi